Information about the nursery garden

          The nursery began its history in 1964, when I produced the first shrubs of roses. In the 60’s there started in Poland a large-scale production of roses. The Polish Society of Rose Lovers popularized roses mainly through national shows of cut flowers, organized along several province capitals. Unlike fruit trees, the production of shrubs did not require a licence. An exportation of rose shrubs began, mainly to Scandinavian countries.

In the 70’s we produced also fruit trees and fruit shrubs. At present our main production comprises rose shrubs, lilacs and grafted ornamental willows. From the beginning I enjoy the help of my wife Alina in managing our farm .

           Since 1990 our son Stefan become the partner. He has two sons (aged 9 and 6), thus our expectation that three generations will be involved in our farm. This is very important for the development of the enterprise.
          The market economy forces a production of a rich stock of roses. During last years we started the production of covering roses on own roots and in containers as well as tree roses, in containers either. We produce more and more container roses of climbing, park, large-flower and multiflower characters. .

In 2002 we commenced a production of ”in vitro” multiplied lilacs. Since several years we produce ca. 50 000 pieces of grafted willows in containers (mainly Salix caprea ‘Pendula’ and Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ ).
          We carry on mainly wholesale and we export the plants to many countries (10-20% of our production). We are members of the Union of Polish Nurserymen from the moment of its rise. We took part in all exhibitions Verdure imeans Life. .

Along with extending the stock of roses we enlarge our rose garden, where we present both new varieties and examples of their application.